The Fine Art rendition of bitcoin miners in a premier photo book about their journey to find the best mining pool.


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Starring: BROOKE NICHOLE FLEMING as Block Explorer turned Bitcoin Miner, SAMANTHA MATHIAS as Mining Pool Operator, DELIA ROSE as Solo Miner, ALEONA P. as Peer to Peer Miner, and AMY WILDER as Retired Bitcoin Miner

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Mining Pools is part of a series of photo books personifying bitcoin technology and lore. In this book, follow bitcoin miners in their quest for the best block reward in different pools.


Will the miners discover that joining a big pool is the most rewarding? Coupled with their Minted Seats, they will bind the block reward to addresses they control, as long as the pool's variance isn't too high!



  • Printed on high quality thick photo paper
  • 13in x 11in (33cm x 28cm) dimensions for the most detail
  • International Shipping
  • Features five beautiful and exotic models as the miners
  • Coins from the NastyFans Minted Seats collection
  • Educational glossary
  • A portion of the proceeds will go to bitcoin causes

This luxury addition to your collection will impress and educate your guests for a long time to come!


Riding on the success and interest of our last book "Chasing Casascius" with many satisfied collectors and accolades, we have made a bigger and better book in association with NastyFans & NastyMining.

Mining Pools features a series of coins called Minted Seats throughout pristine locales, in possession by beautiful photo actresses in the roles of bitcoin miners.


After several chapters, you and your guests will enjoy all of the variety of considerations when choosing a mining pool, and be ready to unleash the miner within!


NastyFans is hosting an auction of a signed copy of the book, alongside several of the coins used in production.

The official auction is a one in a lifetime opportunity to obtain Minted Seats with the history and relevance they have obtained.

View and bid on the auction at this link, it runs till November 25th 2016


A portion of proceeds will go to bitcoin causes such as bitcoin charities, enthusiast collectives and projects that leverage the blockchain. When bought with bitcoin, this represents the gold standard in the closed loop cryptocurrency economy.

One project we are working on will be to recreate ISBN numbers on the blockchain, because the monopoly in ISBN numbers is unhelpful to small and independent publishers.

Help us liberate small and independent publishers using the blockchain!



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